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(Deutsch) Golfen rund um Puerto Vallarta

05:17 PM

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Hacienda Alemana in Vallarta Tribune

11:04 PM

An article published in the Vallarta Tribune, an English language weekly printed magazine. The article talks about our Wine Tasting event.

Hacienda Alemana Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta

Wine… and Art, at Hacienda Alemana

08:28 AM

It was over thirty years ago that Shirley Boccaccio decided to uproot her three children from San Francisco and move to Mexico. But what would she do to provide for them? She decided to take viticulture courses in Santa Rosa, CA, and become a vintner.

She and her children aged 10, 12 and 14 moved to the little mountain village of Hierbabuena, Jalisco, where they lived for three years. There, she found out that the grapes she had planted did not do well in this so-called Mediterranean climate, as there was just too much rain in the summer time, which would cause the grapes to burst.


(Español) Degustación de un elixir excelso

06:56 PM

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Mexico is less deadly than ten years ago

09:35 AM

A study reveals tourists as well as locals are safer than many believe

The Associated Press

MEXICO CITY – The drug war-related violence in the country has obscured a significant fact: A falling homicide rate means people in Mexico are less likely to die violently now than they were more than a decade ago.

It also means tourists as well as locals may be safer than many believe.  Mexico City’s homicide rate today is about on par with Los Angeles and is less than a third of that for Washington, D.C.

Yet many Americans are leery of visiting Mexico at all. Drug violence and the swine flu outbreak contributed to a 12.5 percent decline in air travel to Mexico by U.S. citizens in 2009, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, a blow to Mexico’s third-largest source of foreign income.


Our recipes published in Lifestyles Magazine

02:26 AM

Some of our recipes published in Lifestyles Magazine in 2006.