Wine… and Art, at Hacienda Alemana

08:28 AM

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It was over thirty years ago that Shirley Boccaccio decided to uproot her three children from San Francisco and move to Mexico. But what would she do to provide for them? She decided to take viticulture courses in Santa Rosa, CA, and become a vintner.

She and her children aged 10, 12 and 14 moved to the little mountain village of Hierbabuena, Jalisco, where they lived for three years. There, she found out that the grapes she had planted did not do well in this so-called Mediterranean climate, as there was just too much rain in the summer time, which would cause the grapes to burst.

The family moved to Mascota in 1983 and they’ve been living there ever since – with no phone and no internet, but lots of fresh fruit and vegetables from their property. Having carefully studied the various vineyards in Mexico and their products, Shirley decided to import the grapes from the State of Aguascalientes, to then process them in Mascota. After numerous trials and errors, she perfected some of the best wines in the region, which she sells to stores and restaurants interested in local produce, especially those involved in the “Slow Food” movement.

Starting around 6 p.m. on Friday evening, February 19th, Ms. Boccaccio will present two different wines to the guests at Hacienda Alemana: One is a 2008 Cabernet composed of ½ Cabernet, ¼ Merlot and ¼ Malbec grapes, while the other will be a 2006 Chardonnay – pure. Both have proven to be excellent vintages. And then there’s the art.

This young-at-heart grandmother has been painting since she was a child herself, and she never stopped. She works in her studio, located above her home in Mascota. Her work has been exhibited in various sites, including Galería Uno in Puerto Vallarta, and it too will be shown at this event at Hacienda Alemana on the 19th. So if you want to taste some excellent wines, admire some beautiful artwork, and meet this exceptional woman, do make a point of dropping in to Hacienda Alemana on Friday, February 19th. As usual, owner Mike Pohl will be offering snacks and such to all the guests.

Hacienda Alemana, Puerto Vallarta’s one and only authentic German restaurant par excellence, is located at 378 Basilio Badillo in the Romantic Zone on the south side of town, just a few steps east of the main road, Insurgentes. Tel.: 222-2071.

PV Mirror Magazine – Issue 71

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